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Psychotherapy has many variations, but all involve dialogue between the patient(s) and clinician in a confidential environment. Decades of research have demonstrated that psychotherapy can be effective for those coping with a variety of personal and emotional difficulties, as well as assisting in navigating important life transitions and making decisions. 

When is it time for therapy?  

You may wonder if therapy is right for you. There is no "right" answer to this question. Although some people seek therapy for troubling emotional and interpersonal problems, many others approach therapy as a way to learn more about themselves and their relationships. Others come to therapy after a significant life event or transition.

In general, it may be time to consider therapy if:

  • you are noticing that your problems are interfering with work or school, with your important relationships, or with taking care of yourself
  • you are feeling overwhelmed by upsetting thoughts and feelings
  • you are trying to make sense out of something that happened in your life
  • your normal ways of coping aren’t working the way they normally do, or you are engaging in unhealthy behaviors or relationships
  • you have recently made a positive change in your life, and see in it the potential for growth and personal discovery

Coming in for therapy, and even picking up the phone to make the first appointment, can be difficult, but is often a positive first step toward healing and personal growth. I would be glad to schedule a phone consultation to learn more about what's bothering you and to advise whether I would be a good fit to help you with your main concerns. 

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